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I've had some good and bad experience with Anytime fitness in Toronto and Calgary. In Toronto (north-east), the clubs are managed well. It's open all day, and you can do your work outs without any problems. People are nice and helpful. But, compared to other gyms (extreme fitness and so forth) they lack some equipment.

But the one in Calgary (12192 Symons Valley Road #36 Calgary, AB T3P 0A3),this one is a real problem. Avoid this gym at all costs. Now, with Anytime fitness, the rule is that when you register at one club you should be able to use it anywhere in the world. My home gym is in East Toronto, but when I transferred to Calgary I couldn't open the door. And the guy who manages the gym calls me and tells me that I have to come and meet him in order to get in(three days before I came to Calgary my 6 month membership got expired in Toronto, but the very next day after my membership expired I went renewed it for a month- the guy in the Calgary gym tells me that it's my fault that I haven't extended it earlier) .

And there is this *** rule that you have to take your shoes off when you enter the gym (12192 Symons Valley Road #36 Calgary, AB T3P 0A3). They required you to transfer from your casual shoes to workout shoes when you enter(cause they don't want to bring in gravel and etc … in to the gym-so everyone have to change the shoes every time). So, as a good fellow, I did as I was told. Once, I forgot to take my workout shoes home and left it on the gym's locker area. The next day when I came in my shoes were gone. The manager has placed it in the lost and found bin(I couldn't workout for three days, cause they didn't tell me about such a rule).

So, in conclusion, I guess it depends on the location. Try the gym for a month and see how they manage it. But if any of you readers planning to head west(Alberta), you've been warned about Anytime fitness. I seriously think I'm gonna get a membership with another gym that's open 24hrs.

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Agreed - I was actually helped out by a different Anytime fitness location in Calgary because I could not get helped by the Symons Valley location. This is a very dodgy business, and should not be a reflection of all Anytime fitness locations. Avoid this one though.