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I had been a member of Anytime fitness in Elk River, MN for over a year. I referred 9 people to this gym.

The treadmills are falling apart and some are actually dangerous. I had asked the owner if she planned on either tuning them up, or purchasing new ones. She immediately became defensive and hostile toward me. Soon after I had heard several complaints from many members, this owner canceled my membership, stating I was spreading neativity.

i.e. I was canceled from working out at what would be considered the Dollar store of gyms. Then she lied to corporate that I was being harassing. I called her onbly once to ask why my key didn't work.

She lied again. The the Corporate VP of operations Jennifer even lied twice while I was taping our conversation. They refuse to refund any money, for membership or my half unused tanning package. Now she's spreading slanderous rumors about me.

So, I guess the problem is, never ask the owners to provide their promise. "Safe, clean enviroment" because the Corporate officers lie as well. SCAM, SCAM!

I will definitely be blogging all over this small town about their dubious quality, and customer relation skills. I will make sure I let everyone know they are risking their lives and money if they join this gym.

I have also retained a Lawyer, and a damned great one to initiate civil litigation against these losers. I can afford it, they can't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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To manwithadell

You are full of it, and full of yourself. Amen Paul, you are spot on!


Taping every conversation always helps the cause. I caught them in 9 lies while taping the conversation..

Oh and Paul, it's legal in Minnnesota to tape conversations without the other Parties knowing. So, go back to boot camp and fall apart.


Your comment is typical of someone who's never had money. It's called "I don't go to fancy gyms so I can look at a bunch of ladies" I go to the gym for onething.

To work out. Besides, my Lawyer is a close friend, and is always willing to sue dubious and fraudulant organizations like this one. He's very successful at it too.

You must be that *** Marine that work there. The one who claimed he was shot at and has a purple heart..

Well ***, I have one too, with three clusters.


Besides this isn't the dollar store of gyms, it's the thrift store of the gyms.


If you can afford lawyers so easily maybe you could afford to go to a real gym, rather then the "Dollar Store" of gyms.