New Britain, Connecticut

I had an Anytime Fitness, 1 year membership. After my year I continued the auto draft for the next 9 months.

I injured my shoulder and was unable to work out. I informed the owner and was told she would cancel it (after much debate about how they could rehab me and bla bla bla) I did this 4 days before my draft. Because I was now a month to month member, never did I imagine they would draft me after I notified them of my cancelation and injury. But of course, they did.

Then to add insult to injury, they told me that they were not refunding that money and according to my contract, the $60 fob fee that they told me when I originally sign on, was not supposed to be refunded either. So basically, they stole my money. Then they hid behind "Corporate" won't let them return that money. Buyer beware.

They will steal your money and then deny it. Read the contract carefully, it is written for their benefit only. Don't give them your credit card of banking info. They are desperate people.

Shame on them. Obviously, they REALLY need your money. They must be suffering. Shame on them for stealing.

One of the ten commandments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Yes, they steal money. They said the same to me," no refound for the fob key (which is expensive).

They aslso said there may be another amount will be taken out from my bank because they don't know if I owe them money or not. Come on, you have my banking numbers and the money comes out every month automaticlly, how come you don't know if I owe you or not ??!! Ridiculous!

They even charge you other fees in the middle of the contract! Stay away from Anytime fitness!


Thank you for clarifying that for people. When you join a gym, there are usually costs involved.

If there are no contracts, it doesn't motivate people to go. There is a gym down the road from my AF that is $10 per month. You have to wait in line, the equipment is from the Stone Age, and most people go there to hang out rather than to improve their lives and better themselves. Most owners and usually other members are more than willing to help you if you have questions about machines.

If it was such a terrible franchise, why would there be over 2000 worldwide? If you want a *** gym, join a *** gym.

If you don't want a key fee, go somewhere that closes at 9. Do your research before joking a gym!


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My Club in Dulles Va is closing today. I am Not Driving 45 minutes to the Next closest gym.

i called to cancel my Gym membership. Since it is a Franchise i cant.

i signed a 1 year contract and the Gym closed. they Told to to go to the gym 45 minutes away from my home and they will keep billing me.


After reading through many contracts and information about Anytime Fitness, I do know that if you live in an area where there is not an AF 15 miles from your home, you can have your contract terminated. Sometimes 15 miles can take 45 minutes, but those are the rules.

If your closest one if further, please give corporate a call rather than dealing with a franchise owner.

Most of them are great people and understanding. There are those, however, that really suck.


Just talked to a colleague at my school who is a member at the same place, who is paying $13 less than I per month on a month-to-month contract because she works at a school; I told them where I worked when I signed up, and they didn't offer me the same deal. I also had to pay the enhancement fee, and there still hasn't been a single enhancement there, five months after the fees were collected. All in all, one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a company; they completely misrepresented themselves only in order to get more money out of me.


Just cancelled my membership at Anytime Fitness here in Wahington, and was told that the $35 key deposit that I was assured would be returned to me when I quit is, in fact, non-refundable. Will never do business with this company again. Also had problems with ABC billing because my club didn't credit my account properly.


The only reason I have to agree is because i am now in my own situation with Anytime Fitness. They refused my written cancellation letter the day my contract was up (aka Sept 1st) and they are STILL charging me.


Wow can't believe all the pettyness on both sides. I dont like anytime just because of the automatic withdraw they insist on.

Quite the scam they have going.

Just try to cancel, even with registered mail, they just keep taking and taking out of your account, over and over again. Yes they appear local but when any problem rears it's ugly head, ABC Finiacial is your only option, and to try to get a response from them is...well impossible


Just a note...we are talking about two different gyms here...ATC Fitness and Anytime Fitness are NOT the same company. I was confused at first until I figured that out. It appears Anytime Fitness is the one getting such bad reviews all over the internet...not ATC.


Just a note...we are talking about two different gyms here...ATC Fitness and Anytime Fitness are NOT the same company. I was confused at first until I figured that out. It appears Anytime Fitness is the one getting such bad reviews all over the internet...not ATC.


Thanks Sooz! (or is it one of Chuckie's faithful followers right there down the hallway from the King of Anytime Fitness?) You are not only a POSER but also a POS!

Readers just need to read the other complaints about this loser company to realize the transparency in your obvious represenation. ANYTIME SUCKS!


i go to ATC in my state. $15/mo and no contract.

no nothing!

you workout when you want and no hassles. LUV IT!


Actually business is amazing, and growing rapidly. I go on this website to make sure I can avoid issues at my gym that other gyms are experiencing.

I'm not even corporate, thank you for jumping conclusions though.

By the way, 90% of the gym members at Anytime Fitness are quite pleased with the services that are rendered. You, my friend, are an ***.


Check out the corporate POS post below signed "You are a ***"! These shills are frequenting the complaint sites because no one is joining, clubs are closing, billing errors are abundant and they just have nothing else left to do with their time.

BUYER BEWARE of this LOSER! EXPECT to pay a lot more than you signed up for with this POS!

@WHO IS THE ***?

For the record, I know of 4 anytime's that are going up all within the same area. In the past week alone, 15 people have signed up at the gym I got to. I don't know what kind of anytime you go to, but the ones in my area are all run by great people who are willing to help at all costs


Injured shoulder???? Last time I checked you don't walk on your shoulders. GET ON A TREADMILL!!!


First of all, with an 'injured shoulder', a gym is the perfect place to rehabilitate. You're lazy, just face the music.

Second of all, ABC Financial usually sends the invoice to the bank 5 days prior to the due date, so coming in 4 days before the draft was a mistake that you should've been warned about to begin with. Third, the Key Fob fee is NON REFUNDABLE. That's why they call it a 'fee' and not a 'deposit'. Why?

Because a small box of key fobs costs the comapny $500 and then you have to pay provision for the check in system and the security software that Anytime Fitness uses to keep you safe. Nobody 'stole' your money. I sympathize with a lot of complaints on this website, really I do. Why?

Because I operate an Anytime Fitness and I want to do what I can to prevent some of these situations from happening. However...your post is probably the MOST petty complaint I've seen to date.

@You are a ***....

I've been a member over 4years and have tried the $10 gym,

AF has by far out weighed the gym and not really that over priced to be able to use Any, Anywhere, ANYTIME...U got my $40+

small price to pay for feeling good, looking good.

@You are a ***....

Good point bud anytime fitness is the best gym ive been to. And 90 bucks for 24h key and security for the duration of the contract is so cheap to look good if you work hard.

Besides buying all that equipment and storing it at your house is so much more expensive.

Read the contract properly when you sign up and ask questions if you dont understand anything. Highly recommend anytime fitness.