Madison, Wisconsin

I initially went to Anytime Fitness in Roscoe, IL in August 2010 and joined. Three-weeks later, my Neurologist/Stroke doctor said it is good that you joined a gym, but I want you to be with a gym that has a Physical Therapist and my neurologist did write a letter stating such.

I called the corporate office and was originally scared when reading everything herein but after speaking with their Customer Solutions Manager - Janet at extension 5057, she totally understood everything about my medical condition and disability and waived all cancellation fees and monthly fees and made my contract null and void.

Should I ever be allowed to join a gym without having a Physical Therapist caring for me, I would not hesitate re-joining Anytime Fitness again.

Everyone needs to remember that one needs to be treated always with Dignity and Respect and I must say that Janet did just that.

Before posting anything negative here or anywhere else, I would suggest to calm down, think, speak calmly with consideration and see what a representative can and will do for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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Now that you explained a bit more, it makes more believable now. I'm not sure why you would not come forth with the details of your trouble with the local gym from the beginning.

If you are going to post about your AF experience, you should explain the WHOLE thing, not just the positive parts to make AF look great.

I've talked to Janet before and she did not impress me 1 bit.

Live and learn. I'm now doing P90 fitness program in my home, then will move on to P90X.


i used to own an Anytime and they are a joke. the clubs are dumps, corporate is useless and so on.


Apparently I was fortunate enough to have had my situation rectified and am grateful. ;)

I am done here writing and defending what happened to me. With the disability I have, I can not take stress or people that do not know how to treat others with Dignity and Respect. :(

My many numerous entries should be enough to show that I am a average Joe and apparently G-D is still watching out for me and my pocket book. 8)

Also by me posting the Email w/header herein should also show that what I posted is accurate and true. :roll


For those that want to keep posting and belly aching, go right ahead - you need to move on with your lives and a different club that treats you with Dignity and Respect if you feel that Anytime Fitness or their finance company fails to do this.


Shalom Y'all 8)


Like I said, 1 in a zillion! ABC Financial is the chosen billing company for Anytime Fitness so what's the difference?

Every AF club member has to deal with this agency too so complain about ABC and it is an extension of AF.

You can't have it both ways! :cry


Seriously? -- "go back to the minor leagues..." -- Take about not treating me with Dignity or Respect... you are just down right rude!

Janet did NOT ask me to write this or any other comments herein.

Now read...

I learned about this site after being treated unfairly by the ABC Financial folks and did not receive any support from the local club in my local town.

When I learned about this site, and read all the woes herein, I canceled my credit card used for the club and blocked any and all future transactions from ABC Financial and Anytime Fitness.

I then called and left a message detailing everything that had happened and what I had done to ensure the safety of my finances.

The next day, while on the phone with Janet, I told her about this site and all the bad/negativity here.

After she fixed my problem all without prejudice against me, I promised her that I would write a nice TY and she said that was not necessary and thanked me for it.

I have received Email confirmation from Janet in addition to Email that everything was settled and my account canceled and no additional funds were owed by me.

I will no longer respond to anything herein and again state for the record that Janet at the corporate office took care of me and did it with Dignity and Respect.

Contact her directly and ask her yourself if she did not speak with me and take care of me? See if she can/will do the same for you. If you are not satisfied with her comments then go talk to an attorney of YOUR choice instead of belly aching here.

My issue was NOT about club owners and monies they were losing, etc.

This was all about ME, and MY Disability and me needing to cancel my membership and a local club and financial institution that refused but a corporation that did not refuse and went to bat to take care of someone on disability.

In conclusion, call Janet or Email Janet using the information below as I have gone above and beyond stating for the record that initially I was NOT satisfied and was very upset - however, Janet changed all of that for me.


from Janet M. Willett

sender-time Sent at 12:31 PM (GMT-05:00). Current time there: 8:23 PM. ✆

to Matthew

date Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 12:31 PM

subject RE: Anytime Fitness



Thank you for the kind words and I was glad that we were able to get this resolved. Have a great day and I wish you the best with your medical conditions.

Thank you again!


Janet Willett |Customer Solutions Manager

Anytime Fitness, LLC

12181 Margo Avenue South | Hastings, MN 55033

Phone: 651-438-5057 |


Shalom and Yo, Janet at corporate asked you to do this or you already knew about this website? Which is it?

Do you know a good attorney, maybe James Susag or Cynthia Klaus? No, they're busy suing the *** out of one of the Anytime Fitness former franchisees in Nevada!

Yo's, Posers, Shills, Corporate Thugs and Amateur Posters representing Anytime Fitness will receive no respect on this or any other complaint website. This is serious business with a lot of investor's money at stake.

You shared your story and we are happy for you but it does not change circumstances with this franchiser. Anytime franchisees are financially struggling while corporate is setting revenue records.

Over 30 states require an employee operator while tanning is being used. What happens when a club member has a medical emergency and no staff is on duty, but the state requires an employee on duty at all times?

Shalom, go back to the minor leagues and practice up, this is the big leagues!


@ Yo

OMG - This is the ONLY site I have ever visited about Anytime. I have NEVER visited any other site that you mentioned.

I can NOT answer your question, as I am just a consumer, like you. Why not just call the corporate office and ask for Janet.


I agree from what I was reading, not all are pleased. I told Janet that I would do this for her and now this is becoming a full-time experience of trying to defend my truthful claim that Janet did indeed take care of me. Just call the corporate office and ask for her.

Yes, It's great you had a positive experience but as you mentioned, MANY others have not, and they too should call the corporate office and speak with Janet.

NOTE: I was NEVER nervous about calling them to rectify this situation, nor did I ever say that I was.

My outcome was indeed happy for me and for others that are not happy, contact the corporate office and speak with Janet. If not positive outcome, then you have every opportunity to speak with an attorney and begin what is known as a 'Class Action Law Suit'

So, do you still think I am a ____?

Why would someone who works for the corporate office tell you that if you are not happy, speak to an attorney, begin a 'class action suit'

Again, my name is Matityahu, which is Hebrew for Matthew and I do NOT work for Anytime Fitness nor have I ever been on any other site writing about Anytime Fitness.

I am a consumer, just like you who was able to get something rectified.

So far you, along with YO are NOT treating me with Dignity and Respect and I have done NOTHING to deserve the *** comment or poser comment.

Again, I was satisfied with what Janet at the Corporate office did for me and again suggest any who are not satisfied or do not believe what I have detailed here to call her at extension 5057. And if you are not satisfied with the outcome then contact an attorney.



Of course you are One out of a are the same *** that makes the same claim on other say every positive post comes from corporate.

Answer this ....In over 3 years for both Snap and AT, there are a total of 88 complaints on this site...sounds to me like the bad experiences are one in a million...considering the millions and millions of interactions on a weekly basis with members and the facilities...nice try failure.


Scroll down to read the post "TY Janet: NOT ALL ARE PLEASED"

It's great you had a positive experience but MANY others have not! Why were you nervous about calling them to rectify this situation?

That part of your story is believable.

Your "happy ending" is one in a zillion and should not reflect on other Anytime Fitness requests/conflicts that end poorly for the customer. STILL THINK YOU ARE A POSER!



This is NOT a story. This really did happen and even though I do not need to explain the full details this experience, I will provide a 30,000 mile overview for you and others, since I posted information about what ended up being a positive experience.

Yes, I am under the care of a doctor and I followed the advice of my doctor to go to the PT department at the University Hospital. However, since I live over 45 minutes away from the PT location, and am on a limited income, I personally felt it was best to join a local gym and told my doctor a few days after that I did so, especially since the Anytime Gym is withing a half mile of my home.

This is when my doctor suggested and wrote a letter stating that I join a gym with a full-time Physical Therapist to oversee me and asked the gym to cancel my membership without prejudice.

Yes, you are correct - the local gym and their financial company was not cooperating with me and so I took my complaint right to the top and again Janet resolved my complaint without prejudice and even apologized to me on behalf of Anytime for the way I was treated and voided by contract and all fees associated with my account.

If anyone herein does not believe this then just contact the Customer Solutions department at the Anytime Corporate offices.


This story sounds really fake. If you are under the care of a doctor, why wouldn't you get physical therapy treatment from the hospital instead of some random gym?

Add to the fact that you went straight to corporate would indicate that your local gym wasn't cooperating with you to begin with.


To whom it may concern:

My name is Matityahu, that is Hebrew for Matthew. I wrote the original comment here titled: "Am pleased with Anytime Fitness - TY Janet!" And yes, Janet, the Customer Solutions Manager for Anytime in MN at extension 5057 was able to assist me with everything I mentioned and in addition she wrote me a confirmation Email stating that she did what I mentioned herein. It is too bad that I am unable to post screen prints of the Email correspondence, but rest assured that she/Janet did do what I wrote she did.


Or is TY Janet Anytime a corporate poser? Check out this post on pissedconsumer: "I mistakenly convinced a friend to sign on with ATF. After 2 months, this particular franchise went out of business, but had already collected his money for an entire year of membership. When he asked for a full refund on the remaining money, we were told that the operator would give the franchise owner our phone number and she would call us back. That never happened of course."

Yes, Anytime is the right time to bend over! All owners of Anyime Fitness franchises attended and "graduated" from Anytime University and may have been directly trained by Chuck Runyon. Several Anytime Fitness franchisees have left members high and dry as well as not honoring the franchise policies. They got screwed and they are just "paying it forward". Chuckie has taught them well...

IT'S ALL ABOUT MAKING $$$. The owners of 24 hour club franchises got sucked into it and are learning the hard way about how weak the Anytime Fitness business model is and how much corporate support they will not receive. As soon as they realize they cannot break even and will be subsidizing the business and see no end in sight, the real fun begins for the members! Corporates are making BANK while franchisees are wiping out. Hear that? It's the circling sound around the drain. Won't be long now for a lot of these 24 hour fitness club franchisees!

To learn more about Anytime Fitness and their business practices, go to "Anytime Fitness or Snap Fitness" at BlueMauMau.