Madill, Oklahoma
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I received a call today from a collections agency requesting payment for a gym membership that I had cancelled effective 7/1/11. The Anytime Fitness Center on Charleston Ave.

Las Vegas has been deducting monthly payments from my credit card since then, knowing full well I had returned the key with a written cancellation notice. Since the owner is NEVER available, in July I left the information with my personal trainer there and he said he would take care of the cancellation. I spoke with him a day or two later and he confirmed my membership was cancelled. Waiting to hear from the owner with an explanation and my refund of more than $250.00.

I would never do business here again, as no one is accountable for the actions taken by the owners or employees. Find a reputable gym!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer.

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I also have a major problem with anytime i canceled my membership a year ago and was billed every month for services deductions never showed up on my bank statement until this last month after calling abc financial who has zero record of me as a member in anyway i was told i am still on a membership (wait what yes they said after having no record of me being a member that i still had an active membership) and that i was being billed every month i was told to contact the gym about a refund when i did i was told i would be refund 248 dollars ...12 months at 35 dollars equals 420 dollars plus the 60 for the upgrade fee *** i say to you 480 or i am contacting a lawyer regarding fraud and looking into class action seeing as i am not the only one


I HAtE this gym. I've been trying to cancel for the last 6months and everytime I do they say NO and today they debit out $170 and renew my contract.

Eff this gym! These people are so rude and awful.


I am planning to cancel my membership. It is now month to month.

Does anyone know if they do pro-rated refunds? And since I paid for last months dues they should refund me that correct?


Please read my submitted statement. I had cancelled my contract.

I did everything they requested. I heard from the manager today and they are refunding my money, as they were totally responsible for the miscommunication. I was not looking for a loophole - only the conditions that were explained to me upon cancellation. So under normal circumstances, yes, you must pay the membership that you agreed to.

Under my circumstances, your money is refunded. Get it now??? Your capital letters (screaming) are not necessary as that tries to denote your authority, which is clearly irrelevant here.

We are simply here to exchange ideas. Thanks for your input.


There are ways to get around the contract if it is less than one year old. Pick an area where one of these places doesn't exist and put it in writing you are moving there and cancel your membership.

It's in the contract that you can cancel for this reason.

If it is over one year old and your contract has went month to month, order a new CC and don't give them the new number. They sell these contracts to loan companies. The loan companies and Anytime Fitness have poor communications.

Pay any due money with US Postal money orders and mark Paid In Full. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT give any of them any more CC or debit card info.


You will never, ever, ever get that $250 refunded. YOU signed the contract to be a member, YOU must PAY the bills until your membership is over. Get it now?