Sacramento, California

Manager quote: "Sorry, Can't Help You. Not My Problem." Asked to talk to boss. "Company policy not to give out that information."

Second manager different club: "Why do you keep calling me, I have other things to do?" Ask to speak to boss "We don't give out that information. Company policy."

Third manager promises to fix problem never callsback. Guess what happens when I ask to talk to boss?

Key not working because membership not entered onto computer system by boss. Can't talk to boss -Against company policy.

Gyms independently owned -Customer Service has no clout.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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My key doesn't work anymore either and I have been charged for this month. After leaving 2 messages, one email, and stopping by two separate days on busy hours to find the office empty, I haven't gotten a single word. Been a month now.


I am a member in port orange Florida and in pay in full..went to gym and key fob doesn't livid


The same thing is happening to me right now. I've tried calling multiple branches and they keep telling me they will call me back, but they never do.

I went into one of the gyms during my lunch break and asked the guy what was happening. Apparently I am not on the computer system and theres nothing he can do. Called my home-branch, never returned my calls. Apparently they will give me a call again later in the day.

Who wants to bet they won't do it?

I pay money for a gym that I am supposed to be able to go to ANYTIME- this is ridiculous.