Cambridge, Ontario

Update by user Aug 07, 2014

Sorry the manager had come to me once, not the trainer herself, who had a problem with me showing the exercises.

Original review posted by user Aug 07, 2014

I signed up at Anytime Fitness in May, to get my friend a free year. Everything was going great until August 4th. I had been warned the previous day that I had been "training" my friend, although I have only been working out for 10 months as well. I had been warned another previous time when I was showing a girl from my high-school a few exercises a month prior. My key had been deactivated when I went in on monday, and I spoke with the manager and trainer. When the trainer came in, oh her name is "Nicole" she started screaming at me, saying how I couldn't do what I was doing, and that I had been warned three times, (only had ever been warned once) and she would not let me tell my side of the story. She kept screaming/switching to being passive aggressive. She told me she had mentioned it to my manager several times I had been training, yet the manager never came to me directly. I don't even know the definition of training, I am pretty much still a novice when it comes to the gym. She (Nicole) also mentioned my friend may of been paying me under the table. So after yelling at me and the manager, I was asked to leave about 40 minutes later. I was not allowed to be given the owners number to defend my case.

Nicole's clients, who she trains had also apparently been telling her that "I get paid under the table at various gyms all over" -(I've only ever been to 2 gyms, and these clients do not know me, haven't been in the same city in over 6 years).

With all of this against me, I have not been allowed to even tell my own side of the story. Also, many other people in the gym heard her scream for absolutely no reason, and are now all asking questions/hesitant on how to act. It was not professional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Manager.

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sounds like you were warned previously, l laugh at our misfortune


I laugh at your *** location in the world.


Are you a personal trainer?