Springville, Utah

Update by user Oct 12, 2016

The owner finally spoke with me yesterday about this and agreed to not charge me for the additional months. For those of you saying this isn't true, and all I would have had to do was call corporate, it is NOT that easy with this company. Thanks for the useless advice though!

Original review posted by user Aug 25, 2016

This shady company has done nothing but lie to me since I signed up. I agreed to renew my personal training contract after 6 months for an additional 3 months. The owner told me he could knock down the price if I signed up for 6 months. I told him sure, for the purpose of saving some money. Since I renewed, I have gone through 2 personal trainers, and supposed to be starting with my 3rd. The first two quit.

I checked my credit card statement the other day and noticed I was charged again. I have paid for 7 months of training. I called the gym to talk to the owner. He claims that the 2nd personal trainer I had made up the contract, and that my contract stated that it was for 9 months. I told him that was not communicated with me and I would have NEVER agreed to 9 more months on top of the 6 months I just finished. He gave me this story about how he wasn't sure why the trainer would have done that, but there's nothing he can do about it. He said once they submit the contract the company that all the payments are pulled out through (ABC something or other), I would have to talk to them about any billing problems.

So I called the billing company. They told me that they in no way deal with personal training payments, and that the club takes them out directly. I called back to talk to the owner again and he didn't answer. I left a voicemail and he has yet to call me back. That's nearly $600 I am being screwed out of because "the trainer set it up that way and there is nothing we can do about it."

Absolutely so disgusted with this *** show of a company that I could throw up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Personal Training.

Reason of review: Employees are liars.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Get me out of my contract so I am not paying for 3 months that I did not even agree to..

Anytime fitness Pros: People at gym.

Anytime fitness Cons: Not being able to stop charges, Unethical practices, No empathy, Not helpful, Being robbed.

  • liars
  • Worst Gym Memberships
  • Made Up Contract
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Yeah this anytime fitness is the worse gym I have ever been to.the pwople that work their lie right to your face and they steal money from ur account it's totally unconstitutional.anytime fitness needs to close their doors


Nothing about this sounds valid. If this story is true...big if...a quick call to corporate would fix the problem.

Nothing stated is policy or even remotely permitted by policy or rules of Anytime Fitness. What we have here is a person mad enough to *** online but not angry enough to actually try to fix the problem.

Call corporate - it's fewer than 100 people - and tell them your story. The issue will be resolved.


This is absolutely untrue..


Sorry for the member's trouble. However, a call to corporate WILL fix the problem.

I've been involved with corporate before, and they respond quickly. The angry customer just wants to hurt the club owner vs.

being part of the solution. In my experience, the issue was fixed in 2-3 days maximum.