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I joined the Silaom Springs, Ar Anytime Fitness in January, But in October I was forced to move for job reasons to a place with no ATF. So, I callad and ask what to do I was told send the first page of my lease and a written statment and pay Novembers fees and thats it.

So I made a copy of the first page wrote a letter sent it in. In the process of moving I also had to change banks so I canceled my cards with the bank that ABC was using. Two weeks went by and I got a phone call asking me to up date my card info and I said I canceled. They said they had no record and I would need to send it again this time the whole lease and now pay for November and December because they dont cancel memberships un till they get all thier money or what they think is thiers.

I talk to a supervisor whom after talking with for a while said she would waive the fees and let me email in my lease which I did. Thinking I was done with them.. nope.. Here in Januray I get a bill and an email with 2 diffrent amounts and telling me im not canceled and will be charged for each month un til I am canceled and the only way to cancel is to pay in full.

its a catch 22..

I played by thier rules then they changed the rules... I need help to sue them we all need to get together and do the American thing and sue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I'll add my two cents to the conversation.

I'm looking for a gym right now, and a friend told similar horror stories of ABC Financial.

Apparently she relocated with work less than a month after signing up with ATF.

The ATF Manager cancelled the contract, but ABC told her that she also had an agreement with THEM!!! She spent a lot of time getting collection agencies off of her back.

Since when so you have a contract with a merchant and then a seperate, long term obligation with their billing subcontractor?


I have been involved as a club owner with both of these companies and while im sure you will receive inconsistent service from Anytime Fitness club owners i can vouch for ABC and their ethics. They bill millions of people each month and there will always be mistakes.

They o their best though im certain and would defend them strongly.

Anytime Fitness however, i can not vouch for. Many owners make ABC look bad by not doing their best.


I agree. A lawsuit is necessary. No court would a customer to remain "hostage" to a company it wishes to cease doing business with.

What they are doing is simply unethical.


My daughter joined ATF in late October and gave her bank acct. number and debit card number. Two days later her scheduled changed that she couldn't even get to the gym during the two trial. She called and cancelled before the contract took place. ATF said no problem just writing cancelled across and you are done.

Sent to collections, now she has to pay The full year plus a fee to ABC who has been horrible to her. I went to ATF yesterday and they are now stating she needed to cancel via their cancellation paperwork. Not only is ATF horrible, but so is ABC.

Both should be ashamed of how they treat customers, it also shows she only went 1 day, on her trial period. What is wrong with these people


Anytime fitness is a horrible company. I sent a written letter A MONTH ago trying to cancel my membership, and they still are taking money out of my account..

This is not right. I have tried calling my gym many, many times asking someone to call my back and NOONE ever did!! This is not right!!

I am very upset about this. And noone will talk


I had a similar problem and still am. They wont let me out!!!

and its all the ABC financial company. I've done what i was suppose to, twice, to get out of my contract and after not hearing from them for months i now got a letter saying i owe $150!!! for what?!?

im not a member!!! i have yet to contact them but ive been thru this b4 and i will lose and they will and i will be forced to continur to pay


The reason that I am putting this on the anytime fitness page is to warn people that maybe thinking of joining. The gym is not bad but to have to put up with this finance company is not worth joining. There is plenty of gyms that do not use this company.

When I relocated I took 3 people with me. All 4 of us had memberships with anytime fitness and all 4 of us are haveing the exact same problem.

I have wrote Stephanie from the above comment, but still have not heard back from her.. and its been weeks.


Why are you posting about ABC FInancial on an anytime fitness page? You can look up ABC on this website you know.



I apologize if you feel you are getting the run around in order to discontinue service with Anytime Fitness. ABC Financial Services, like any other company, makes mistakes - if you indeed sent in the proper relocation documentation as you state, I would be happy to retroactively cancel your membership to the date of your request.

If you have further comments or require assistance please feel free to email me at Stephanie.cook@abcfinancial.com and I would be happy to review your membership to ensure it was properly handled.

Stephanie Cook

Data Research Analyst

ABC Financial