Northville, Michigan
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Talk about a clown outfit. I felt like I was haggling over a counterfeit Rolex watch in New Jersey.

Anyway, I walk into the Canton Michigan (Ford Road & Canton Center), Anytime Fitness and a bumptious young fellow stated, "What can I do for you buddy." At that point, I knew things were going to get interesting. As the front desk was completely devoid of any documentation, I politely asked for a brochure and or pricing information. Immediately, this kid tries to persuade me to sit down with him. I indicated to him that I did not wish to sit with him and that I simply wanted something/anything that detailed their pricing and or services.

Immediately, he held a business card in my face and told me to call him. I immediately and sternly reiterated my request and he snapped back with "we have five payment plans." I said great, let us talk about them and he refused; at which point I returned his business card and walked out the door. Referencing the numerous complaints strewn across the Internet, I can clearly understand the odd behavior of the kid I encountered. These people need to move hard and fast.

They know that if they can get you one-on-one, they have a better chance of closing the deal.

They do not provide brochures and or details because they do not want them used against them in court. As I exercised a bit of scrutiny, I was fortunate enough to spot this clown from a mile away.

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Gym is always dirty. Treadmills have been broken for eight weeks no one seems to care.Only thing they are interested in is getting money for classes or personal training,.

Nothing but one big joke. Do yourself a favor and go to another gym.


Canton Center and Ford are you talking Anytime Fitness or Fitness 19?


Any company that has to troll through a websites complaint department and make negative comments towards those posting complaints, is obviously a company that is run by DB's. Get a life!

Ive seen these types at every gym that ive toured...they act like 1970's *** used car salesmen. Hey "you're the clown" go sit on a D***.


very typical of Anytime Fitness owners and staff.... rude.

I have had an awful experience with Anytime Fitness. don't join!!!!!


Wow....I was just going to check this gym out. However, after reading the multiple similar complaints, I will run the other way.

Its not only the complaints, but the arrogant uncaring responses posted by the staff. Thanks for your thoughts and likely saving me from a bad situation.

There are plenty of other reputable facilities out there. Mark my words.....Anytime Fitness will not be around long.


riiiight....all the complaints? I get on this website for pure entertainment.

*** people make me laugh. I'm pretty sure I have about 500 pleased members at my club with a smile on their face because I SELL an awesome service.


Speak of the devil! Our friend from Anytime. He must be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the complaints.


It's called sales....get over it.