Mississauga, Ontario

Let me start off by saying I'm not one to normally complain about things when I'm unhappy about something, but after attending this gym today I will NEVER step foot into this location ever again. Normally when I walk into a gym and see it full of people it's encouraging to see how many people are trying to better their lives.

I haven't been with Anytime Fitness very long my boyfriend and I probably signed up about half a year ago and I signed up at this location. The thing that annoys me most about this location in particular is all the juice monkeys who come in there and act like king ***. I have never heard so much yelling and screaming and weight banging as I did this evening. As a client of this location I don't want to go into this gym (or any gym for that matter) and hear the loud noises of roid infested men slamming weights down as if there's no one else trying to work out.

It's happened before but never as bad as this evening, if I wanted to be around people like that I would have stayed at Goodlife. Another thing that annoys me is that in clearly states on the door to not let people in who do not have key fobs. I have been there on MANY occasions an see one person sign in and let 4 other people who are clearly no members of the gym in OR when one person signs in and slowly their friends come knock at the door and they let them in. I would STRONGLY discourage anyone who wants to sign up at this location not to, and drive the extra 5 minutes to the location at mavis and eglinton.

It's much worth the few minutes extra drive. If hadn't already paid for my full years membership I would do anything I could to get out of the contract and because of this when my contract is up for renewal I will strongly consider leaving.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anytime Fitness Membership.

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You CAN transfer out!


I'm a member at the 10th line location and I have to disagree with this post! Silvio the main staff person is friendly, the personal trainers are amazing and I know some friends who train with them and swear by it. The gym offers hot yoga classes at no extra charge which is a steal compared to paying triple to a yoga studio somewhere else. As for her comment on 'juice monkeys', I'm a young male who workout out 5x a week and have worked hard naturally. I can also speak for all the guys who workout at our gym...none of us take anything beyond regular shakes/supplements which is a normal thing in any gym. For her stereotype us as 'juice monkeys' is frankly insulting.

The gym used to be at the location where the Dairy Queen is now and was half the size and *** staff. Since they moved to this location with better equipment, better staff, larger area...I've heard nothing but positive comments from all the members around.

For those who are sneaking in, I trust the management deals with it as they can. It's a 24 hour club...its bound to happen. Doesn't change the fact that I enjoy it.


From experience I can say younger members at this gym do need to be more considerate of other members working out. Banging, dropping weights, and yelling doesn't give you better results and is disruptive. And put the weights away after using them just as the signs on the wall state.