Mount Dora, Florida
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I applied for the $1 sign up fee offer - which was a one day special. I signed up at 8 pm and was instructed to take the info I filled out to the gym that day to get the promo.

Well the gym closed at 7 pm and I was told I could no longer get the promo when I later spoke to someone at the gym during working hours. Now I am afraid to sign up with them ever if this is the way they conduct business before you even sign up with them!

Never had this problem with Gold's Gym - guess I will have to stay with them. They are further away, but I was able to get 3 mos free and no sign up fee!

Reason of review: $1 sign up fee not honored.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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You are an idiot. IT'S $35 A MONTH.

You are at Gold's Gym which is now CF gym? You're paying more. *** and go join PF if you're so concerned about a $1.

Workout a home where it's free. Stop whining over nothing.


You're the *** that didn't show up during business hours. This is like trying to go to a retail store after they've closed and expecting that if you return the next day, they'll give you the same promotion.

What the actual... Like what?!


Why would you wait until 8 pm to try and sign up for a day sale? It would have been smart to check the company's business hours before assuming your late sign up would be accepted.

That's like trying walking into Macy's after their big one day sales after they close and be mad they didn't accommodate you the next day because their business hours didn't work work your schedule. Don't be ridiculous.


Not to take sides but it's hey ran the special thru facebook and you were able to sign up at anytime that day, but I didn't see where it said when that promo ended


Seriously? It was CLEARY stated as a 1 day sale.

So by using common sense that would be within business hours... plus every location has a website so saying that fb was the only reference to information would be a lie, or a lazy reason for an excuse.