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They are liars and mislead me from the beginning. HERE IS THE EMAIL I RECEIVED AFTER CANCELLING MY CONTRACT (AS PER THE REPS DIRECTIVES) Hey Klaude, We've received your letter of cancelation; however you're still within your year term that is set to end 06/24/2015. I'm sorry that you're not getting much usage out of your membership with us, and I would love to sit down with you and work out a way so you can make the most out of it. Or even... Read more

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Been in the contract for a couple months and moved further than 10 miles away from anytime fitness which is terms for cancellation in our contract. Wouldn't let us cancel claiming we are five miles away. Are they using an illegimate map software or something because that is ridiculous?

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I have been dealing with the gym in Wilmington over my son's account. He travels for work. He was gone 3 months for work to upstate NY. He asked to cancel is personal trainer, not his membership before he left. They called him after he left to come sign a form. Too late folks, he was already gone. They still want to charge him. No one from the head office will call me back as I requested 2 weeks ago. But they had someone call from the... Read more

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Have to sign a contract and then when we get laid off and have to move there isn't an Anytime fitness. When I signed up I was told there was an anytime 15 min from the place I was moving to and it's over an hour away. Corporate can't help and when you try to get a hold of someone to cancel they don't have time. I haven't used the membership in 2 months because of my job. Read more

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I was not told the policies until I tried to get the contract canceled. I never paid the entry fee and called and text the rep that signed my up a day before my membership was to start. I never used the facility. EVER! They stalled me on the cancellation and told me I needed an appointment to come in to cancel. I came in 6 days after I signed the contract and he told me I had 72 hours to cancel. I told him that he said he was busy and told me to... Read more

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Happy valley location in Phoenix has been closed for 4 days due to nonpayment of rent. Small amount of $1090. No updates.

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Gardner kansas facility wont accept silver sneakers program.

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This location by far is the most corrupt franchise I've ever worked with. I cancelled my account in February of 2015 and received no further bills. One must assume the contract was cancelled since there was no further billing, right? Wrong. Fast forward 17 months and I receive a collection letter (for $700 no less). Never once did anyone call me, mail me a letter, or any other type of out reach regarding my account in a timely manner until 17... Read more

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Anytime Fitness ? Or is it now ..Anytime physical Therapy ? Everytime I try to use recumbant bike they put a patient on it who is preparing for a therapy session . Get more bikes ! Decent ones too. Not just the " one " decent bike always taken by a patient. And fix the *** treadmills while your at it. Somethings always broken (ughh the tv's ). At least when Noel was here in Riverside Pierce St. Gym, the bathrooms were alway clean. I see... Read more

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