Anytime Fitness - Charged a penalty fee and treated like a criminal for letting GF use keycard TWICE, then attempts were made to extort money

I have been a member for over a year and have paid all of my membership dues up front. I have never let anyone use my key or let someone else into the gym in my whole 12+ months of membership. With that said I let my girlfriend use my key TWICE out of my whole 12+ months of membership because she was relocating with me and thinking about switching gyms. We both work nights, so we use our gyms at night time which is past operating hours thus the reason for not being able to get permission for a guest to accompany me. I have no prior incidents or complaints from management in all of my 12+ months of membership. She just wanted to check out the gym and see what it had to offer and if she liked it, then she was going to sign up. She did like it and had every intention of signing up until what followed.

The events that followed were a $250 charge and being locked out of the gym with no explanation, phone call or warning from the owner or management. I was treated like a child and a criminal when I went to the gym and asked why I was locked out and not given any reason aside from the manager on duty saying "You need to call the owner Dede". I have never violated any rules, paid my dues upfront and in full, re-rack all my weights and pick up after others, so I feel as a valued gym member I would be given the benefit of the doubt. I couldn't even receive the decency for the owner to call me and simply say "Hey, who is this person you're letting into my gym? If it happens again I'm going to charge you $250 and lock you out for x amount of time" or to even call me and let me explain. I could understand if I let someone in 4-5 days a week and was exploiting the gym for some time and be treated this way, but it was TWO times and the first offense in over a year of membership with no prior incidents. I did call and I explained what was going on, but I was met with yelling and lecturing instead of an adult conversation when I called the owner up. I've read my contract and see what it says, but the same way the owner said "you should have called me and asked to bring a guest", you should have called me and explained why I was being charged instead of playing the game of charge the member $250, lock them out and then have them call me once they've taken time out of their day to figure out what heck happened. I was told how my losing $250 was nothing compared to her $30,000 in bills that she has. The end result was Dede keeping my $250 and trying to extort money from me by having my girlfriend sign up, then she would refund me after she pocketed a $720 gym membership out of her.

Now I'm out $250, have a remaining membership at a gym I do not wish to use any longer and they most likely will not let me break contract. The owner, Dede, then tried extorting money out of my girlfriend by having me tell her to sign up then she would refund the $250 penalty. Why would anyone want to deal with someone like this for another 12-18 months? Why should I refer anyone here when an owner acts in such a manner? You’re going to hold my money hostage unless I have someone sign up at your gym and give you more money? You’re committing extortion at this point, very professional. I'll just stick it out and once my contract is up along with my 6 friends I had sign up a year ago, we'll take our $4600 worth of renewals to Life Time Fitness in 5 months. Thank you for being so pleasant and easy to deal with, Dede.

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Nov 19, 2014 Corvallis, Oregon

Yes, you did break rules. You let your GF use you access without notifying management. Had you done so (like you said, simple as a phone call) they could have made an exception. You can't get mad because they are enforcing their own rules - which is clearly stated in your contract.
Source - AF member for over a year

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Feb 11 Hawthorn, Victoria County

yes but that smart *** manager lost $4600 pa worth of membership. Thais how *** some of these amateur managers are

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Oct 17, 2014

You're not supposed to let anyone else use your key. It says it in your contract and on a sign. And it's common sense. Take a seat with *** like this. You can take a guest with you and they have to pay a small fee like $7 or something. Rules are rules and they're there for a reason

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Sep 15, 2014

Dede Davis is a very dishonest person!! She is all about screwing people out of money and will go to any lengths. She tried to screw the wrong person once and ended up bankrupt in 2010. Note: 6 months after filing chapter 7 she open a new business!! Now that is a cheat. She cheated on her 1st husband and got pregnant with someones baby. Knowingly she lied to the guy for 15 years until he got a paternity test and busted her. She still never said that she was sorry. She is a Sick liar!! Note: These are facts. Look up the public records. * She should have ended the membership not extorted $250 and than tried to get the girlfriend in. 2 wrongs do not make a right. "Don't let a fake *** job sway your opinions guys". She takes medication for something that you do not want....! another fact.

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Dec 13, 2014

Dude - what are you even talking about? this strand is about a gym - if you have a personal vendeta take it elsewhere - you aren't making any sense

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Jan 19, 2014 Stevens Point, Wisconsin

There's a sign on the wall at my Anytime Fitness that says "If you're caught sharing or letting visitors in with you, you will be fined." It should go without saying that if you're paying the monthly fee for yourself and no one else, then no one else should come with you or in your place. They have visitors' hours for a reason. By letting your girlfriend in for 2 free workouts, you let her steal from the company/owner. What if your girlfriend let her other boyfriend crash at your place for 2 nights? You'd be upset too and probably lock her out.

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Dec 27, 2014 Los Angeles, California

That was the funniest, yet truest, and awesomest analogy in the history of analogies! Hilarious!!!!! And on point!

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Jan 14, 2014

classic case of my fault,your mistake.cant belive the way some people think these days.what if your girl got hurt in the gym,did you ever think of the owner and the liability that would fall on them?no of course not it would'nt effect your life in the least but they would end up in court with lawsuits and lawyer fee's that would most likely close them down.Try opening and running your own buisiness and see what its really like. No Clue.

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Jan 04, 2014

You were in the wrong, IDK where the $250 comes from....we only are getting your side of the story.

Seriously though you need to accept and stop victim stancing, that you should have gotten a warning. You got the warning when you signed up.

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Smarter than you

Jan 03, 2014 Houston, Texas

"I have never let anyone use my key or let someone else into the gym in my whole 12+ months of membership. With that said I let my girlfriend use my key TWICE out of my whole 12+ months of membership..."

Apparently this guy cant even keep his story either did or did not let anyone use your key and why should they call to tell you that you violated a contract you signed. I can only assume you and your 5 friends are entitled to special treatment everywhere you go.

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Johnny Raz

Dec 20, 2013

Your 2nd sentence, "I have never let anyone use my key or let someone else into the gym in my whole 12+ months of membership."

Then you go on to say you let your girlfriend in?

This one's on you.

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Dec 18, 2013 Charlotte, North Carolina

Didn't they explain that you weren't allowed to loan our key fob out to anyone else? Sounds like you are the one that messed up. Even if it is only twice. Try explaining to a judge that this was only the second time I was speeding this year and see where that one gets you.

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Dec 18, 2013 Raleigh, North Carolina

I was told at sign up that the worst that would happen is there would be a $40 fee per each guest that entered in with me, never a $250 fee and I am also locked out of the gym indefinitely while they still charge me for membership fees. The point is, there was no warning, no call or anything. I have never been on bad terms with anyone there during my membership period and I couldn't receive the same common decency that the owner demanded I show her.

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Dec 13, 2014

bottom line - rule breakers will complain when they get caught. Face the truth - you broke the rules and got caught and want to complain ... if you had paid your dues every month and saw someone else sneeking guest in you would have been pissed if you were paying and they weren't - you can't have it both ways.
Grow up = accept accountability. You want to blame the owner when you were the one at fault. I bet you would think differently if you were the owner. You are not the victim but the villain.

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