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  • Customers like
    • Convience of location 15
    • Hours 11
    • Access to all facilities 24 7 9
  • Customers don't like
    • Not being able to cancel 20
    • Poor customer service 15
    • No help on the phone 14

At Baypines facility, florida near st. Pete, florida I ask the manager to please correct the clocks in the gym, this went on for 3 weeks, nothing, ask again, even offered to bring in battery's again nothing, 3rd time he said I will do it, returned to the guy several days later and another member had taken them down and put a note, please fix the clocks, this went on for over 3 weeks, ask for... Read more

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We joined and signed a agreement a year ago. At the end of our contract I went in and told them we were not staying with the gym so please close our account. I signed the paper to discontinue. Then they took another payment out in Janurary so I called and was told that they had no paper work from me. So in other words they lost the papers I signed. So I was told to come in and sign another one... Read more

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Called the South Charleston, WV center four times and requested to be called back. NEVER RECEIVED ANY CALLS BACK! Add comment

They refused to stop debiting my account. I canceled my month to month membership. Then they got real nasty with me on the phone when I explained that I could not work out there. The membership agreement I signed was not a contract as I made certain. Now they refuse to send it to me. The place was so boring to work out at that I would wonder if it were in an old folks home. I would never join... Read more

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FEES, FEES, AND MORE FEES!!! In short don't sign up for this gym as it is overpriced, riddled with hidden fees and cramped. There seems to be a problem with, spacing, and a overall lack of equipment (no bench press??) additionally they are also know to let children in the club, even though it is stated that this is not allowed. Overall leading to a tremendously painful experience, which is... Read more

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Long story short....I moved out of state after losing my late husband. I moved in May. The contract I signed stated that if you move and there is no Anytime Fitness within a 20 mile range, you can cancel your membership with no penalties. Well, the nearest one is an hour and a half away. I Made contact with them in May and the staff member stated "ok, we will notate your account and send us... Read more

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I joined Any Time Fitness Feb. 4 2013.Bedford In. Then transferred to Washington In. ATF. then transferred to the Jasper Indiana ATF Even better trainers and manager. All three gyms were clean and nice Jasper ATF in my opinion is the best. All three gyms are 330 miles one way from my home. So no bad review here. Oh yes Silver Sneakers thru my Insurance is picking up the tab The reason I kept... Read more

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I have had the worst customer experience at the Mt Prospect Anytime Fitness ever! The associate, James, is unprofessional and has complete lack of respect for customers. I had an issue on hand with a charge and when I called to inquire about it, he was rude right from the beginning, would not allow me to speak to anyone else and hung up the phone on me! I will never do business with this... Read more

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From what I gave read I want nothing to do with this place. Add comment

I've signed up as a member two times now and both times I regretted. They like to throw in hidden fees and not tell you about it. I asked them twice about getting a session with a personal trainer and they never got back to me. Quite small with pretty minimal facilities for the price in comparison to some of the other gyms out there. Both times I signed up because of its convenient location,... Read more

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