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They are not honest. They didnot tell my son u need to sign termination contract after 6 months. All my son knew his contract with them it's 6 month only. He stop going to anytime fitness after 6 month. He told his contract it's already finished. They keep charging my son monthly fee. N it's automatic charge at my credit card. N my son went to anytime fitness n complained. N the person told him the 7 month charge he cannot cancel it. he still... Read more

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I joined up for a two week trial at this gym in Somers, CT. It is a lot closer than the PF in Enfield, Ct, that I have been a member of for four years. This would be a lot less driving for me. I was not impressed with the Somers location... you might be, but this my opinion!! Anyway, after signing up for a two week trial membership, I walked in (took a bit to figure how to get into the place!) and there was no one there to ask questions? I saw... Read more

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This gym is extremely over priced. I tried to cancel my membership and was asked a million questions as to why I was leaving. They wanted proof of relocation. I'm going to be moving back in with my parents therefore have zero bills to give proof. So now I need a letter from them. Really? All of that? They then tried to convince me to go to the anytime fitness gym where my parents live. Yea how bout no! Read more

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The Glenroy suburb gym is very poorly maintained. The machines are in pathetic state and carpets not vacuumed.

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I joined the Anytime Fitness that was being built in my neighborhood in May 2015. While filling out tge paperwork, the owner very clearly recited my personal bank account number and my Social Security number in front of the man who walked up behind me. As he did not seem to realize (the other customer) what the owner just repeated, I did not bring attention to it myself. I specifically asked when the club would open and when the money would... Read more

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We submitted a cert from the doctor that we are not allowed to work out.but had hard time talking to the manager even we explain our make it short she hold our membership for 2months before 2months we've texted the manager of anytime fitness nuvali branch that we cant still go to gym we would like to request for 3 more months.she didnt reply,now we got our bill.they charged us.i hope we could get reply on this matter. Read more

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The manager hung up on me twice & refused to tell me who the owner is. I've called member services twice & another location and no one can tell me who runs the Golden location. They've been billing me illegally since January.

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Half the gyms in my area stoped being "anytime". Not only that but the one I went to changed its hours to 7am-7pm. How is anyone who has a regular job suposed to make that window. I work from 7:30-6:30 and half the time they like to close up a little earlier than 7 pm and now quese who cant cancle their membership, this guy.

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Super disappointed with the Arrowhead Anytime fitness gym in Glendale, Az. Here is the last email response i sent the owner of Arrowhead loaction of Anytime fitness where i physcially went in to cancel my membership and she committed to place my account (membership) on hold ( no payments) so I could reconsider my thinking about cancelling. She pressed and i actually liked her but what i got was a bait and switch. What actually happened was she... Read more

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I could not use the gym for the 12 month contract but also did not complain /request of any refund for no use, worst is that I am still charged even after the contract is over and have already given in writing for membership cancelation. I referred few friends in the beginning but now I will spend time to find better place for them and will ask them to change their membership form Roxburgh Park Anytime Fitness Centre to any other. They appears... Read more

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